You Need To Write A Thesis In Two Months

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Business is characterized by obligatory existence of the innovative moment — whether it be production of new goods, change of a profile of activity or foundation of the new enterprise. A new control system of a, quality, introduction of new methods of the organization of a or new technologies — it too the innovative moments.

Business acts as a special type of economic activity because its initial stage is connected, as a rule, only with idea — result of the cogitative subsequently taking the materialized form.

The section devoted to marketing is one of the most important parts of the business plan as in it it is directly told about nature of the planned business and ways thanks to which it is possible to count on success.

implementation of direct functions, i.e. production of goods (product or rendering service (for example, machine-building firm, company, engineering firm or bureau);

Economic activity represents a form the individual's in activity a social production and a way a of financial means, for providing him and members of his family. Such form of participation of the individual in a social production is one public duty or their combination when he in quality:

Thus, the business plan is not only the internal document of firm, but also can be used for involvement of investors. Before risking some capital, investors have to be sure of care of study of the project and are informed on its efficiency. It is supposed that the business plan is well prepared and stated for perception of potential investors.

Thirdly, the state usually also a beret on ­ functions of creation for businessmen of the demanded enterprise infrastructure, i.e. all that auxiliary (from the point of view of the main contents the project of structures which could render to the businessman of service, necessary for an effective of projects. The state usually supplies a necessary (most often marketing), assumes also expenses on conducting scientific, scientific and technical, design and survey and other works with a of their results to businessmen on a or preferential basis. The state also aspires to an of consulting, law and other firms, activity of businessmen, and also a beret on ­ functions on training of the necessary qualification for enterprise structures.

Marketing strategy. Having defined the relevant market and its opportunities, it is necessary to stop how the planned business will use these opportunities. The marketing strategy explaining has to be presented as business will organize carrying out the plans in life for achievement of desirable sales volume. For this purpose it is necessary to pay attention to each of the most important instruments of marketing, available to the company.

Each businessman, beginning the activity, has to represent clearly requirement on prospect for financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receiving, and also to be able to calculate accurately efficiency of use of resources in the course of work of firm.

For each of the target markets it is necessary to compare transport expenses to expenses at competitors, quality of products and packing, to compare possibilities of reduction of prices, and also to have idea of an advertizing campaign and image of firms.

Business — is a special type of activity (as which we understand the activity directed on extraction of a ), which is based on an independent, responsibility and innovative idea

quantitative methods in business, i.e. abilities to perfrom enterprise calculations to any planned transaction or operations, and also an to provide the movement of means on accounts of the during the planning and implementation of any transaction.

Competition and other external factors. Almost for certain external factors which it is capable to control only in an insignificant measure will have impact on activity of firm or is not capable to do it at all. The most considerable of them is the competition.

In market economy the business plan is the working tool used in all spheres of business. The business plan describes process of functioning of firm, shows how her heads are going to achieve the objectives and tasks, first of all increases of profitability of work. Well developed business plan helps firm to raise, win new positions in the market where it functions, to make long-term plans of the development.