What Does It Mean To Workplace Diversity

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For non-uniform objects the background is estimated by a statistiko-genetic method and a trend analysis. thus factors of a background condition of the studied component are considered. As a result background sizes are various for waters of each tested water point.

From this point of view, actual data on emissions of the polluting substances in the atmosphere by the gas industry, first of all, on emission of greenhouse gases in comparison with global treacle of greenhouse gases technogenic and the nature are of interest.

And Sahara which area of 6 million sq.km, too represented not the desert, but the savanna with numerous herds of herbivores, the deep rivers and settlements of the neolytic person on coast at this time.

Fields of the Tyumen North are characterized by exclusively favorable geological and hydrogeological conditions for PZSCh which are as follows. On all fields of the region the main object of development is the gas deposit lying in the range of depths of 850-1300 m in the massive tank of sandy Cenomanian deposits. It is spread by powerful water-pressure system of sandy deposits of pokursky suite.

Though natural gas also has advantages, nevertheless it is very important to optimize its use. The gas industry supported the programs of increase of efficiency of improvement of technology added with development of ecological management that even more strengthened arguments in favor of gas from positions of environment protection as the effective fuel making a contribution to environment protection in the future.

The special attention to underground water by consideration of environmental problems follows from concept of underground water as geological body, namely underground water - the natural system characterizing by unity and interconditionality of the chemical and dynamic properties determined by geochemical and structural features of the underground water containing (breeds) and surrounding (the atmosphere, the biosphere, etc.) Wednesdays.

In the ecological relation natural gas is the purest type of mineral fuel. At its combustion it is formed the smaller amount of harmful substances in comparison with other types of fuel is considerable.

The card constructed by results of definition of a background by a statistiko-genetic method is more exact, detailed and contains data on placement of sources of technogenic excitement and the direction of its distribution.