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to increase the par value of the stocks issued earlier, with obligatory retirement old, or to issue new, so-called bonus stocks. The order of carrying out bonus issue of shares begins with determination of coefficient of increase in authorized capital (To) which pays off on a formula:

lack of flexibility in relationship of workers of management personnel because of application of formal rules, is as a result at a loss and slowed down information transfer that affects speed and timeliness of adoption of administrative decisions;

Relevance of a subject is that the main problem for each enterprise is a sufficiency of the monetary capital for implementation of financial activity, service of a monetary turn, creation of conditions for economic growth, therefore, there is a need for comprehensive study, the analysis and improvement of methodology and the organization of accounting of own capital of economic entities.

Profitability of own capital is one of the main indicators of efficiency of functioning of the enterprise which all activity has to be directed on increase in the sum of own capital.