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All types of a hardening possess the general favorable impact on an organism, improve functioning of all its systems and bodies. Process of a hardening is very specific, that is holodovy procedures increase cold resistance, influence of high temperatures – by a heat. At the organization of the tempering procedures it is necessary to acquire firmly that the success is possible, only under a condition when the tempering procedures are carried out systematically, continuously, a long time. Admissions even in 2-3 days, and a break in 2-3 weeks are undesirable, compels to begin the tempering procedures with early stages.

Children can be trained in walking on skis from 3 years. Best of all the personal example of parents influences the child. After acquisition of ski equipment, let's the child resemble on skis in the room, to get used to them. Then, still in the room, help the kid to master turns by a perestupaniye on a place.

At a hardening of an organism use usually natural factors: air, sun and water. At a choice of the tempering means and their dosages have to be considered a state of health, endurance and other specific features of the child.

Exercises strengthen compensatory opportunities of an organism, increase its resilience. Jogging, gymnastic exercises, skis, the bicycle, swimming – all these means possess high extent of impact on an organism therefore it is required to control intensity of loads of children at improving occupations.

At performance by the child of exercises, it is necessary to teach him, and then constantly to control the correct breath – the kid has to breathe deeply, exactly and quietly, doing a full exhalation. In the majority of exercises there are instructions when to take a breath and when an exhalation. It is also necessary to watch that the child did not do excess movements in joints, for example, bending of knees, when performing movements for a trunk.

In joint occupations of parents and children the big educational sense is concluded. Even the most small child seeks to compete with the father, mother, the brother or the sister. The house stadium is a pleasure of communication because of strengthening of health. The main thing not to force children to be engaged long on shells: before emergence of feeling of fatigue no more!

For occupations of children sport in house conditions recommends use of various exercise machines. There is a set of designs of various complexity for independent production. A number of the enterprises mastered release of mini-stadiums for children, both in the form of sport center, and in the form of separate apparatuses of narrowly targeted action.

First of all, it is necessary to teach the child to do an exhalation under water and a breath over water; then to teach the kid to plunge into water, holding the breath; then to dive and emerge. After that child it is possible to learn to float in the sports ways (a breast stroke, a crawl, etc.).

As a rule, children till 3 years cannot jog, and it is not necessary to force them to it. Besides the monotonous movements without specific goal quickly tire the kid, and he loses interest in occupations. Since 4 years of children it is possible to start taking with itself on jog.

It is necessary to remember the basic rules formulated by the famous scientist Kenneth Cooper: safely, slowly, progressively. We begin with walking, then transition to a combination run walking, and only then simply run.

Then we go outside also all receptions called above it is fixed on snow. Useful reception on the first steps of training of the child – towage of the kid standing on skis for a stick or on a rope on a ski track. The child of 4-6 years at the beginning of occupations is capable to pass independently on a ski track distance to 0,5 km, gradually this distance can be brought to 1,5-2,0 kilometers.

At occupations it is possible to use ready sets of exercises, and it is possible to make them independently. Exercises are selected so that the main muscular groups and systems of a children's organism took part in them. The approximate scheme of a complex of morning exercises has to be is as follows: