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The economy of San Marino is closely connected with economy of Italy. Its basis make agriculture (production of grain, winemaking and service of foreign tourists. There are enterprises making textiles, ceramics, souvenirs, foodstuff. Annually San Marino visits more than 3 million tourists. Important income items – release of stamps and coins for collectors.

The fastest rates the advanced branches of production develop: metal working, instrument making, production of vacuum equipment, electronic systems, micro processors. Textile, ceramic and pharmaceutical branches are traditionally developed. On a saturation industrial production on 1 the principality takes the 1st place in Europe. In the industry 45,2% of able-bodied population, in a services sector – 45% are occupied. More than 6 thousand people daily come for work to Liechtenstein from Switzerland and Austria.

Liechtenstein industrial and agrarian state. The economy is closely connected with foreign, mainly Swiss, by the capital and is focused generally on export (EU countries – 41%, Switzerland – 15% export. Over 75% of import arrive from Switzerland. GNP – in recalculation per capita makes 70 thousand Swiss francs.

It is indisputable that at such large number of the countries there is a need for their group which is carried out first of all on the basis of different quantitative criteria. But among other types of group, the most widespread is sorting of the countries according to the size of their territory.