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The first reason is spoken well by higher degree of a dissatisfaction of "dependent" workers in comparison with "independent" the organization of compensation (41% and 27%). In favor of the second - sharper rejection by workers of servility before the administration in relationship between workers and heads (40% and 6%). 3

Therefore, in what form, with what speed and what way workers receive information, they estimate the real importance in the opinion of the management therefore it is impossible to make the decisions concerning changes in work of employees without their permission even if changes are positive, and also to complicate access to necessary information. Information on quality of work of the employee has to be quick, large-scale and timely.

The solution of this task requires creation of the mechanism of motivation of increase of efficiency of work. It is meant it the set of methods and methods of impact on workers from a control system of the enterprise inducing them to a certain behavior in the course of work for achievement of the objectives of the organization founded on need of satisfaction of personal needs.

The labor motivation is the process of stimulation of the certain performer or group of people to activity directed on achievement of the objectives of the organization to productive implementation of the made decisions or the planned works.

The following direction of improvement of motivation - improvement of the organization of work - contains statement of the purposes, expansions of labor functions, work enrichments, production rotation, application of flexible hours, to improvement of working conditions.

Improvement of working conditions - the burning issue of today. At a stage of transition to the market the importance of working conditions as one of the most important needs of the person increases. New level of a social maturity of the individual denies adverse conditions of the labor environment. Working conditions, acting not only requirement, but also the motive inducing to work with a certain return can be at the same time a factor and a consequence of a certain labor productivity and its efficiency.

The systems of motivation of workers applied by industrial firms by advance on service can be reduced them to rotation taking into account personal qualities and length of service. The first is more often applied at the enterprises of the USA, the second is characteristic for Japan.

And, if employees of other branches (the teacher, physicians) can find in some degree to themselves additional work miners, for a variety of reasons, among which both working conditions, and a geographical position of mines have no such opportunity.

People at whom the need for success, as a rule, prevails are not inclined to risk, are capable to take the responsibility. The organization has to provide to such people big degree of independence and opportunity to finish business.

The motivation on the basis of need for participation is characteristic for the people interested in development of a personal contact, adjustment of the friendly relations, assistance each other. Such employees should be involved in work which will give them the chance of broad communication.

compensations does not promote both to maintenance of labor activity up to standard, and to labor productivity growth. Application of this method can be useful to achievement of short-term rises in labor productivity. Finally there is a certain imposing or accustoming to this type of influence. Unilateral impact on workers only by monetary methods cannot lead to durable rise in labor productivity.

Motivational process can be presented in the form of the stages following one by one: understanding by the worker of the requirements as systems of preference, choice of the best way of receiving a certain type of remuneration, making decision on its realization; action implementation; receiving remuneration; satisfaction of requirement. Impact definitely on interests of participants of labor process for achievement of the best results of activity will be a core of management on the basis of motivation.