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On the scheme the interrelation of various methods of training is accurately visible. So, possibility of application of display in combination with other methods - an oral statement, material discussion, exercise and practical tasks is visually seen. At the same time dependence of each of the called methods with one more, often called basic, - method of independent work of listeners though very often participants of training neglect it is looked through.

Training - process bilateral, in it teaching and the doctrine together merge. The leading and organizing role belongs to the training - the teacher, the propagandist, the teacher of PEO. They also carry out one party of process of training - teaching. The second party of this process - the doctrine, it is realized in activity of trainees, listeners of PEO. Thus such qualities of listeners as activity and independence are of great importance.

For the teacher of PEO and all his organizers these high tasks have to be concretized in the course of education at listeners of economic culture, socialist enterprise and efficiency, feeling of the full owner of the enterprise, a collectivism and social activity.

It is good if listeners enter at once pedagogical process with these qualities. But if they are not present? Then the task of the teacher consists in that, working elaborately and pedagogically competently, to create such qualities. He creates favorable conditions for their formation, being guided by the "verbal formulas":

the training purposes, the last as transfer, but the first on influence on the contents and nature of educational process of the making element. The pedagogics has to help a formulation of the purposes active, effective, directed on immediate return during training, but not educational, contemplate, unproductive. And, of course, the pedagogics has to help achievement of these purposes.

availability of training - is defined by the level of informative opportunities of trainees, need of the organization of process of the doctrine of listeners for "a zone of their next intellectual development" when the level of training is noticeably high, but for trainees is achievable;

In life, certainly, everything is more difficult, than on the scheme and many methods will not be so directly sootvetstvovat1 to one another as it is recommended science. Togd2 at the teacher leaning generally on the information reporting method, listeners will work at the high level of problematical character, using partially search method of the doctrine. But can be and vice versa - listeners will reduce level * doctrines at application by the teacher of methods of problem teaching the highest levels. The truth most often of miracles does not happen, and therefore listeners ? so intensively, initiatively and "problemno", as well as) it is taught by teachers.

maintenance of the studied subjects, disciplines. The pedagogics has to help to select the main thing, essential really necessary for formation of the expert and to move away all casual, minor, insignificant, useless;