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Growth of the population, quantum leap in development of science and equipment for the last two centuries, and especially today, led to that activity of the person became a factor of planetary scale, the directing force of further evolution of the biosphere. There were antropotsenoza (from the Greek anthropos - people, koinos - the general, a community) - communities of organisms in which the person is the dominating look, and its activity - all system defining a state. V. I. Vernadsky considered that influence of scientific thought and human work caused transition of the biosphere to a new state - a noosphere (the sphere reason. Now the mankind uses the increasing part of the territory of the planet and increasing numbers of mineral resources for the needs.

Expansion of borders of the biosphere and exit in space. In works of the last decade of life Vernadsky did not consider biosphere border constant. He emphasized expansion them in the past as a result of an exit of live substance to the land, emergence of long-boled vegetation, the flying insects, and is later than the flying pangolins and birds. In the course of transition to a noosphere of border of the biosphere have to extend, and the person has to leave in space. These predictions came true.

The beginning of prevalence of a geological role of the person over other geological processes proceeding in the biosphere. This condition can also be considered executed though prevalence of a geological role of the person in some cases led to serious ecological consequences. The volume of the rocks extracted from Earth depths by all mines and pits of the world now almost exceeds the average volume of the lavas and pepl which are taken out annually by all volcanoes of Earth twice.

Vernadsky, noticing undesirable, destructive consequences of managing of the person on Earth, considered them as some costs. He believed in human reason, humanity of scientific activity, a celebration of good and beauty. He ingeniously expected something, in something, perhaps, he was mistaken. The noosphere should be accepted as a creed, as an ideal of reasonable human intervention in biospheric processes under the influence of scientific achievements. It is necessary to trust, hope in it for its coming, to undertake the appropriate measures.

Break of scientific thought is prepared all past of the biosphere and has evolutionary roots. The noosphere is the biosphere processed by the scientific thought which is prepared all past of the planet, but not the short-term and passing geological phenomenon.

As well as many scientists who achieved outstanding achievements in special areas, Vernadsky came to the philosophical concepts in the evening of life, seeing in them natural generalization of the fundamental principles which are the cornerstone of the universe. But even it is distinguished from coryphaeuses of natural sciences not only innovation and depth of ideas, but also their amazing present.

Vernadsky's ideas much more advanced that time in which he created. Fully it belongs to theory of the biosphere and its transition to a noosphere. Just now, in the conditions of an extraordinary aggravation of global problems of the present, prophetical words of Vernadsky about need to think and work in planetary — biospheric — aspect become clear. Just now illusions of a tekhnokratizm, conquest of the nature fall and the intrinsic unity of the biosphere and mankind is investigated. The destiny of our planet and destiny of mankind — is uniform destiny.

But the most important: for Vernadsky the science was a nature learning tool. He was not an expert in any one science or even in several sciences. He excellent knew dozens of sciences, but studied the nature which is immeasurably more difficult than all sciences together taken. He reflected and over natural objects, and over their interrelations.