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To put the person in the center of economy, ­ first of all to provide in society the solution of social problems, prime the social sphere — the sphere guaranteeing an of social and spiritual needs of a. The economy becomes socially oriented if it is directed not on profit (benefit, a profit), and on the person.

The market relations, reviving capitalism with its competition, unemployment, wage labor, necessarily assume private forms of assignment (private property). Systematic (according to plan the relations, reviving socialism with its proportional structures, an eminence and social protection of the person of work, believe public (the collective! assignment forms (public, collective) property.

The general always initially in relation to private and individual. Public, collective forms of the organization of economy with their orientation to joint (collective) work, public requirement, public interest, a public potrebitelny demand the cultural, educated, socially developed, socially active and initiative person. These forms are connected with return of the person to themselves as to the person public, as he. being an embodiment of a live contradiction, ­ unique identity, at the same time on the social essence there is a being. Return of the person to itself as to a public — one of the defining,, obshchvgumanistichvsky values, the main vector of public evolution.

Market (capitalist the relations in itself in comparison with the feudal really by more progressive as they big freedom and equality starting to any individual.

development is got by private forms of ownership, the competition, business, with another — unemployment, stratification of society on rich and poor, weak social protection of a and are reproduced. On the one hand, here public relations are democratized, with another — they at the same time strongly bureaucratize. Here public the is guided mainly by momentary financial benefits (profit) quite often to the detriment of safety of the country.

thirdly, eminence of creative self-realization of a ; fourthly, expansion of freedom of action and opportunities of activity; fifthly, restoration of authority of good work; sixthly, the environment which was more sparing the person.

Together with a material product in economic development it is formed the uncountable of public relations in the world surrounding the person (is created), the consciousness and its ideas of real situation, evolution conditions, a way of life is developed, the mentality of the nation, cultural wealth of generations is reproduced.